If you seem to be upset with Physics or Mathematics and grades could be better, these may be signs that you need some help. Tutoring via email from online tutor may be the answer to better grades and enrichment. A mature, experienced online tutor can explain material in a variety of ways for developing good study habits.
  20 Years Professional Experience
in University, College and High School Tutoring
Senior Lecturer in Physics and Math
Associate Professor, Senior Research Scientist
Ph.D. degree in Physics and Math
My Curriculum Vitae


Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
Electricity and Magnetism
Oscillations and Waves
Quantum Physics
Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry
Complex Numbers
Linear Algebra
Calculus and Vector Calculus
Differential Equations
Differential Geometry

I will teach you online detailed, step-by-step solution to any problem you may have in Physics and Mathematics. Just send me your questions and problems by email, and I will send you back solutions done in Word with all proper formulas and diagrams during the day as soon as possible. You can email me a trial problem right now.

My tutoring help rate is as low as $10 per hour. This is the minimum possible rate you will hardly ever get from a professional qualified tutor. If you need my tutoring help on a regular base, you may pay $100 per month, or $500 for six months with everyday questions and problems and anytime connections with me via email.

The payment can be done online via PayPal or Western Union.

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